Midddle You are
halfway there

Midddle You are
halfway there

shouldn't be
that tough.

Ever had long conversations and ended up staying in? With Midddle, this will no longer be an issue.

  • Up for a beer?
  • I can’t, need to get up early tomorrow
  • Okay, one won’t hurt. Where to?
  • Don’t know, where are you?
  • How about Tarantino’s?
  • Woah, that’s at the other end of town. Something in Mitte maybe?
  • Mein Haus am See?
  • I don't like their music, but it's okay.
  • When?
  • •••

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Where to go?
Midddle knows!

The unique HalfwayThere-algorithm will not only suggest you the closest place for both of you, but also keeps track of your favourites.

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Midddle is a project by Thanksalot

Made in Berlin

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